Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Wazdan Inks Supply Deal With Groove Gaming

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Wazdan Inks Supply Deal With Groove Gaming
Wazdan Inks Supply Deal With Groove Gaming

Groovy times ahead for Wazdan, the award-winning supplier of all things that puts words the “casino” and “games” together...

...The official announcement has been made this week that the strategic partnership with Groove Gaming has been settled, a major deal that will see Wazdan's impressive portfolio delivered to Groove's platform.

It's Raining Games

Awesome things await all operators and players using and enjoying Groove Gaming's platform, because over 100 HTML5 slots signed by Wazdan will be soon landing, and that WILL include the recently unveiled star of iGB Live, Fruit Goes Bananas, Highway to Hell and a particularly impressive addition to their Deluxe suite of games, Corrida Romance Deluxe ...

… and Groove Gaming hasn't exactly been anonymous all this time, as well – the company whose strong growth is the talk of the industry became Betsoft Gaming's official partner back in May.

A String of Successes

Wazdan has been kept very busy, to say the least, for the most part of this year. Apart from all of their games launched and their notable appearances on events such as iGB Live and ICE in London, the company's prosperity has been marked with a lavish celebration of their newly instated offices in what is the world's main hub for iGaming, Malta.

Groove Gaming’s expertise lies primarily in helping clients and operators with launching and maintaining online casinos. They cover payment processing, fraud protection, risk management, business intelligence, affiliate promotions, customer service and more...

...Also, they keep curating the portfolio of high-profile games and making them available to clients.

First Impressions

Representatives of both companies have had their share of impressions they wanted to state. Wazdan's Head of Sales, Andrzej Hyla, comments:

“We see deepening interest in our games among both operators and players especially with the proprietary technology that shapes player engagement and experience. We are very excited about the opportunities lying ahead and we will continue to prioritise growth and build up our world-class offering. It’s a privilege to provide our content to such a respected name in the business…”

...Not differing much in opinions is Yahale Meltzer, Groove Gaming's Operations Manager:

“Wazdan are an excellent fit for our clients. Their highly innovative games will be made available for seamless integration and we look forward to adding upcoming titles as they become available. We always strive to provide our customers with the latest online content and we believe that Wazdan's products and technology give players one of the best gaming experiences around, which is why we are exited about having them available on the platform."


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