Friday, July 13, 2018

A Little Risky Play Turns Comps into a Nice Payday

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A Little Risky Play Turns Comps into a Nice Payday
A Little Risky Play Turns Comps into a Nice Payday

LCB members are quite diverse gamblers, but we all have at least one thing in common, we want to win big money. Our new, "Big Weekly Winner" posted a surprising screenshot of his recent withdrawal, $1,267 from Grande Vegas Casino, using only comp points for stake.

Mikino is an active Sr. Member at LCB, with his 6 year anniversary approaching in September.

You can usually find him in the No Deposit Casino section of our forum, looking for a good deal or sharing the freebies he has found, so other members won't miss out. But on this day, our member had a freebie that was just for him. He cashed in, 2000 comp points in exchange for one crisp, 20 dollar bill.

If you know Mikino, then you know what game he's going to be playing, roulette! Sure, lots of people play roulette, so we asked him why roulette and he said:

"I played only roulette. I think roulette has better probable win than slots."

Hmm, now let's not be hasty, let the guy tell his story.

So, you cashed in your comp points and cashed out a nice win. We'd love to hear the middle of this story. "I tried hit zero for 2 dollars (I had possible only 10spins). I guess zero on 5th spin. My balance was 82 dollars and after I played lines, street, split or corners. If my balance was higher then 250 dollars, I played solo numbers too. I had very much luck. 2 times I hit solo number for 10 dollars or street for 30 dollars. My playing was very risky." Risky business indeed. You didn't get your first win until you were halfway through your balance, but everything seemed to change after that happened. One solo number for $10 (35-1), but 2 solo numbers, wow! Then you hit the street for $30, (11-1) and ended up with a $1,267 win, all from $20 you got from redeeming your comp points. Looks like risky play paid off.

Do you have any plans for your winnings? "yes. 500€ I sent on my bank account and 500€ on other casino." Congratulations Mikino, enjoy your winnings.

While most people will agree, if you want to maximize your odds, don't play roulette. On the other hand, if you are a slots player, maybe Mikino has an idea that's worth a spin of the wheel.


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